Postcards From the Edge will return next week, as the Dean of Graduate Studies is out of town, and away from her computer
July 18th, 2014


I really wanted to write a decently long blog this week…
July 15th, 2014


I really wanted to write a decently long blog this week but at this moment I am still scrambling to finish everything I can before heading out of town for a while. I am counting on next week’s postcard coming from Portland, Oregon, where I will be attending the annual Council of Graduate Schools Summer Deans’ Institute, always a conference highlight. I will be leading a session on interdisciplinary challenges, one of those chestnuts that just keep turning up at events like this. From there I will head further across the seas to Harbin, China, more than half way round the world from home. A bunch of Canadians are meeting with the Chinese to discuss the potential for joint degree collaborations. I really don’t like leaving St. John’s when the weather is so sultry and inviting but, well, somebody‘s gotta do it… and to a Canadian on the east coast both Oregon and China are exotic destinations. All I know about Portland I know from watching the hilarious satiric cable series, Portlandia, a perfectly executed homage to that city’s evident eccentricities. It’s like the anti-Seattle, which itself is an alt city. Portland looks so laid back I might have to be pushed on a plane to Beijing. That’s where I head to connect to Harbin, which is north and close to Russia. I don’t know much about it except that it boasts a spectacular ice sculpture festival in winter, as you would.


Hot time, summer in the city…
July 4th, 2014


Hot time, summer in the city. I’m not complaining. This is the time to be here, hay fever and all. I have a chunk of iceberg in my freezer for summer drinks and a thriving garden. All is well. Indeed, we are predicting about another 10% growth in graduate studies this fall, just what we were hoping for. Our office is humming along, processing applications and dealing with the day-to-day business of graduate studies. If we take home all the prizes at Wimbledon this weekend it will turn out to be a spectacular July. Go Canada Go.