You wouldn’t know that the picture is of an 800-room resort…
April 26th, 2013

You wouldn’t know that the picture above is of an 800-room resort. I was in the Dominican Republic last week, a “destination” for a family wedding. I took this shot early morning, before people started moving like sleepwalkers towards the cavernous hall where breakfast was being served. This was one of those all-inclusive spots where you pay for flights, meals, and drinks in advance, and then show up with nothing but money for tips for the staff. It seems as if the whole world partakes of these vacation spots. The 800 rooms were fully booked and there was absolutely no chance of getting a late check out because plane loads of tourists were lining up to check in while we were thinking of shaking the sand out of our suitcases.

Postcards From the Edge will return next week, as the Dean of Graduate Studies is out of town, and away from her computer
April 19th, 2013

This postcard comes to you from New Brunswick, New Jersey…
April 12th, 2013

This postcard comes to you from New Brunswick, New Jersey, where I am attending the annual meeting of the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools (NAGS). Rutgers University, the state university of NJ, is the host of the event.


I am in jolly old London…
April 5th, 2013

I am in jolly old London, except it is less than really jolly; it is unseasonably cold and everyone is huddling into scarves and sweaters, ducking snowflakes and wondering whether climate change has anything to do with it. Italian tourists look frustrated; the Germans are just getting on with it. Canadians like to say we are used to it, but truthfully it’s just too bloody cold here. The sky is as leaden as the pound and the air is grey with smog. Sounds like a nightmare, but to paraphrase the poet-scholar, when a man [sic] is tired of London he [sic] is tired of life. It’s true. This is one of the world’s most advanced built cultures and one could and should never ever tire of it. I can see the Thames from my hotel window and that goes a long way to warming me up for the day.