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University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment Concerns and Complaints

Arts & Administration Building, St. John's Campus If you have a concern about sexual harassment, you should meet with, or contact, the Sexual Harassment Advisor. An individual can seek information or advice about what constitues sexual harassment and how it may be resolved.

Seeking advice and information can be done anonymously. If you chose to remain anonymous, it is requested that the anonyminity of the other indivdual be maintained as well. All consultations will be handled with confidentiality.

Individuals who have a concern or a complaint about sexual harssment may chose to resolve their concerns informally or formally. During the informal resolution process, it is intended that the advice you receive from the Advisor will help you to resolve your concern informally. Individuals who chose to file a formal complaint have the option to request mediation or an investigation. The process of filing a formal complaint is outlined in the University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment Concerns and Complaints.

For all consultations, the Advisor maintains a non-identifying account of the nature of the concern, any advice given, and any outcome acheived. This information is retained for statistical purposes only.