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Paternity Testing Services (PTS) offers paternity testing that includes both state of the art DNA testing techniques and a full range of blood typing tests. We have provided this service for more than 20 years and are recognized for our committment to quality and thoroughness in testing. For your convenience, we offer choice of collection methods and collection services anywhere in Canada and in the US.

We provide materials for sample collection and prompt shipment to avoid degradation of specimens. We also make all the arrangements for collection of samples at a time and location convenient for our clients. Samples are collected using identification and chain of custody procedures that are standard within the industry. The identity of clients and the test results are handled under strick confidentiality. A comprehensive report is provided to clients and subjects tested only in written form and never by telephone. All testing and reporting is performed at our facilities in St. John's, Nfld. TNB Laboratories Incorporated is an independent, Canadian operated company with highly trained and experienced laboratory staff.

Please download and complete our registration form (7.6 KB) to facilitate our Paternity Testing Services.

The above files are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document (pdf) format. To view and print a downloaded pdf file, you will need appropriate software, such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader. This software is available for downloading free of charge from Adobe's WWW site.

To arrange for Parentage Testing please contact:

Paternity Testing Services
c/o TNB Laboratories Inc.
P. 0. Box 13340
St. John's, NF, Canada
A1B 4B7

Toll Free: 1-800-851-1677
Tel: 709-777-8238
Fax: 709-777-8514 or 709-737-2101

We welcome personal cheques or money orders.

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TNB Laboratories
P.O. Box 13340
St. John's, NF
Tel: 709-737-4026
Fax: 709-737-2101

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Toll FREE (North America): 1-800-851-1677

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