Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA)

Science students at Memorial University unsuccessful in their 2017 application for NSERC USRA funding to do research within the Faculty of Science are candidates for the Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) funding.

The selected SURA students receive approximately $6,650. Unlike the USRA program, faculty supervisors need not be NSERC grant holders and the supervisor portion can come from any funding agency. The duration of the SURA work period is 16 weeks and must take place in the spring/summer semester. Students receiving USRA funding, including those who are wait-listed for USRA and ultimately are chosen for USRA funding, are not eligible for SURA funding.

Each supervisor must complete a SURA application form, which is also signed by the student, submitted to the Dean of Science Office by the application deadline. When the completed form is received at the Dean of Science Office, the student is considered as accepted to the SURA program and the funding is initiated.

The candidates selected for SURA include students who are wait-listed (B) for USRA awards, students with the highest departmental rank in the “not awarded” USRA category and selected international student applicants.

Students should understand, however, that their supervisor must be a member of the Faculty of Science, as we will not fund SURAs through medicine or engineering.

International Students

Please note that international students are eligible for SURA funding, even though they cannot apply for NSERC USRA. International students in the Faculty of Science apply by submitting the following material directly to the Dean of Science Office:

  • Form 202, Part 1, of the NSERC USRA application
  • The NSERC USRA Approval Form for Release of Student Information
  • Academic transcript

Links to these forms can be found at the Research Grant and Contract Services webpage.



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