Lou Visentin Award 2014-2015

ANDERSON, Taylor, Biochemistry

ASH, Colin, Physics and Physical Oceanography/Earth Sciences

BARAKJI, Marwan, Psychology

BLAKE, Lauren, Psychology

BRANNAN, Alexander, Biochemistry

CRANE, Jared, Biology

DALEY. Jesse, Biochemistry

DELANEY, Niall, Computer Science/Mathematics and Statistics

FORD, Jonathan, Mathematics and Statistics/Physics and Physical Oceanography

GARDINER, Michael, Biochemistry

GRANT, Devin, Mathematics and Statistics

GREGORY, Peter, Biochemistry

HOLDEN, Mark, Physics and Physical Oceanography/Mathematics and Statistics

LEHR, Ian, Biochemistry/Psychology

LEONARD, Sean, Biochemistry

LEWIS, Leanna, Psychology

LYE, Melissa, Psychology

MCGRATH, Kaitlin, Biochemistry

MOORES, Emily, Biochemistry

O’BRIEN, Cody, Biochemistry

O’BRIEN, Jeremy, Biochemistry

O’DEA, Andrew, Biochemistry

PARDY, Christopher, Mathematics and Statistics

PEARCEY, Stephen, Earth Sciences

PEMBERTON-RENAUD, Violaine, Biology

POMROY, Samantha, Earth Sciences

POND, Emily, Psychology

QUILTY, Rebecca, Biochemistry

RAHEJA, Shruti, Psychology

RALPH, Nicole, Psychology

SKANES-NORMAN, Joshua, Mathematics and Statistics

SUPPIAH, Yegappan, Biology

THORNE, Brandon, Mathematics and Statistics

VALLIS, Jillian, Biochemistry

WOODFORD, Catherine, Mathematics and Statistics/Physics and Physical Oceanography


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