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Lou Visentin Award 2012-2013

BACQUE, Lisa, Biochemistry

BARRON, Travis, Biology

BELBIN, Shane, Geography

BESAW, Jessica, Mathematics and Statistics/Chemistry

BOURGEOIS, Sarah, Mathematics and Statistics

BROWN, Tyler, Biology

CHAYTOR, Allison, Psychology/Biology

DOMINIC, Christopher, Biochemistry

DWYER, Jessica, Psychology/Biology

GRANDY, Victoria, Chemistry/Physics and Physical Oceanography

GRANVILLE, Kevin, Mathematics and Statistics

HAN, Chao, Mathematics and Statistics

KING, Nathan Mathematics and Statistics/Physics and Physical Oceanography

LOMOND, Jonathan, Mathematics and Statistics

McCARTHY, Jillian, Psychology

PORTER, Jonathan, Physics and Physical Oceanography

SNOW, Anna, Psychology

SONG, Beibei, Psychology/Biochemistry

WAGHMARE, Sachin, Biochemistry

WELLS, Jake, Physics and Physical Oceanography

WHALEN, Desmond, Psychology/Biology

YOUNG, Matthew, Biochemistry