The core courses are:

Scientific Computing 6910. Matrix Computations and Applications or Computer Science 6732 Matrix Computations (credit may be obtained for only one of CMSC 6910 and COMP 6732)
Scientific Computing 6920. Applied Scientific Programming
Scientific Computing 6930. Algorithms for Distributed and Shared Memory Computers
Scientific Computing 6950. Computer Based Research Tools and Applications
Computer Science 6731. Topics in Numerical Methods
Mathematics 6210. Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations

The following courses are identified as suitable for students in this programme. Other courses may be permitted.

Scientific Computing (formerly Computational Science)

Scientific Computing (Co-op) 601W. Work Term I
Scientific Computing (Co-op) 602W. Work Term II
CMSC 6900-6909. Special Topics
CMSC 6910. Matrix Computations and Applications (credit may be obtained for only one of CMSC 6910 and COMP 6732)
CMSC 6920. Applied Scientific Programming
CMSC 6925. Tools of the Trade for Programming High Performance Computers (2 credit hours)
CMSC 6930. Algorithms for Distributed and Shared Memory Computers
CMSC 6950. Computer Based Research Tools and Applications (credit may be obtained for only one of CMSC 6950 and the former CMSC 6940)

Department of Biochemistry

BIOC 6000-6009 Special Topics in Biochemistry
BIOC 6010-6019 Special Topics in Nutrition and Metabolism
BIOC 6020-6029 Special Topics in Food Science
BIOC 6400 Control of Intermediary Metabolism
BIOC 6460 Structural Biochemistry

BIOC 6520 Nutritional Biochemistry
BIOC 6530 Food Biochemistry
BIOC 6590 Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology (credit restricted with Biology 6590 and Medicine 6590)

Department of Chemistry

CHEM 6201. Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 6204. Mechanisms in Catalysis
CHEM 6205. Photochemistry of Transition Metal Complexes
CHEM 6210. Organometallic Chemistry
CHEM 6300. Quantum Chemistry I
CHEM 6301. Quantum Chemistry II
CHEM 6302. Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 6304. Computational Chemistry I
CHEM 6310. Electronic Structure Theory
CHEM 6323. Chemical Thermodynamics I
CHEM 6324. Chemical Thermodynamics II
CHEM 6340. Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 6350. Electrochemical Kinetics
CHEM 6360. Solid State Chemistry
CHEM 6380. Adsorption on Surfaces
CHEM 6381. Surface and Interface Science
CHEM 6382-9. Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry
CHEM 6390-8. Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry
CHEM 6399. Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
CHEM 6401. Organic Spectroscopic Analysis I
CHEM 6402. Organic Spectroscopic Analysis II
CHEM 6470. Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM 6590-6599. Selected Topics in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
CHEM 6600. Applications of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry to Toxicology

Department of Computer Science

COMP 6713. Software Engineering
COMP 6722. Advanced Computer Architectures
COMP 6729. Special Topics in Computer Systems - Computer Networks
COMP 6731. Topics in Numerical Methods
COMP 6732. Matrix Computations
COMP 6738-39. Special Topics in Numerical Methods
COMP 6752. Applications of Computer Graphics
COMP 6756. Digital Image Processing

Department of Earth Sciences

EASC 6141. Rotation of the Earth
EASC 6142. Theory of Global Geodynamics
EASC 6171. Advanced Exploration Seismology
EASC 6172. Borehole Seismic
EASC 6175. Gravity and Magnetic Methods
EASC 6177. Mathematical Formulations of Seismic Wave Phenomena
EASC 6918. Airborne and borehole electromagnetic methods
EASC 6994. Special Topics in Earth Sciences - Geophysical Inversion and Applications
EASC 7110. Physics of the Solid Earth
EASC 7120. Crustal Geophysics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

AMAT 6102-6109. Special Topics in Applied Mathematics
AMAT 6201. Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
AMAT 6210. Numerical Solution of Differential Equations (required course for Computational Science)
AMAT 6212. Numerical Methods for Initial Value Problems
STAT 6588. Selected Topics in Statistics and Probability - Generalized Additive Models with Applications in Scientific Visualization

Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

PHYS 6000. Condensed Matter Physics I
PHYS 6200. Nonlinear Dynamics
PHYS 6308. Ocean Dynamics I
PHYS 6309. Ocean Dynamics II
PHYS 6310. Physical Oceanography
PHYS 6316. Ocean Measurements and Data Analysis
PHYS 6317. Ocean Acoustics
PHYS 6318. Numerical Modeling
PHYS 6319. Climate Dynamics
PHYS 6320. Turbulence
PHYS 6321. Coastal Oceanography
PHYS 6323. Stability Theory
PHYS 6324. Models in Ocean Ecology
PHYS 6400. Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 6402. Theory of Phase Transitions
PHYS 6800. Group Theory
PHYS 6850. Quantum Mechanics I

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

ENGI 9015. Ocean Engineering Hydrodynamics
ENGI 9052. Ice Properties and Mechanics
ENGI 9501. Finite Element Analysis with Engineering Applications
ENGI 9713. Stochastic Hydrology
ENGI 9815. Electromagnetic Propogation
ENGI 9821. Digital Signal Processing
ENGI 9826. Advanced Control Systems
ENGI 9861. High-Performance Computer Architecture
ENGI 9865. Advanced Digital Systems
ENGI 9869. Advanced Concurrent Programming
ENGI 9871. Information Theory and Coding