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Faculty of Science Safety Requirements

The Faculty of Science is committed to a safe workplace and educational environment. Recognizing the value of laboratory research and instructional activities, the Faculty has adopted guidelines and policies to minimize potential risks associated with laboratory activity as well as to promote safety in all spaces occupied by the Faculty.

1. Every department and unit within the Faculty of Science shall have a Safety Committee.

2. Safety Committees shall be comprehensive and shall be composed of representatives from all groups within a department or unit such as, for example, undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty.

3. There shall be a Faculty of Science Safety Committee composed of at least one representative from each department and unit within the Faculty. The Chair shall be appointed by the Dean of Science after consultation with the members of the committee.

4. Each departmental or unit Safety Committee shall conduct inspections of the spaces they occupy. The frequency, as prescribed by the Faculty of Science Safety Committee after consultation with the Head or Director, shall be consistent with the level of risk and consequences of accident within the department or unit.

5. Departmental or unit records of inspections shall be maintained and shall be under the responsibility of a designated individual such as, for example, the Chair of the Safety Committee or a specific departmental secretary.

6. Evidence of corrective action from findings during safety inspections shall be recorded and maintained as part of the unit’s or department’s safety records.

7. Reports of unit or departmental safety inspections and any remedial action reports shall be copied to the Chair of the Faculty of Science Safety Committee for onward transmission to the Dean of Science.

8. The Faculty of Science Safety Committee shall meet at least twice a year.

9. The Faculty of Science Safety Committee shall establish four categories of hazard, based upon degree of risk and consequences, to be used by unit or departmental committees in inspection reports. Category 1 shall be the highest or most dangerous.

10. The Faculty of Science Safety Committee shall establish criteria for immediacy of amelioration and reporting for each of the hazard categories, except that Category 1 shall require immediate action and evidence of correction.

11. Each Department Head and Director shall ensure that written policies on safety and safety training appropriate for their department or unit exist, are current, and are easily accessible, as for example on the unit or departmental website.

12. Individual records of training shall be maintained by each department or unit.

13. Training shall be as appropriate for activities likely to be undertaken in the department or unit and may include but is not limited to: WHMIS; use of fire-fighting and other safety equipment; Transportation of Hazardous Goods; First Aid; OH&S; use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials; diving safety; boating safety; etc.

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July 22, 2005