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Processing & Institutional Signature on Grants/Contracts

Under the Office of the Vice-President (Research), there are two research administration units that provide information/advice, processing and institutional sign-off on grants and contracts – the Office of Research Services, and the Office of Collaborations and Partnerships.

Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services at Memorial provides the following research services, pertaining to all Tri-Council (NSERC/SSHRC/CIHR) and most other research grants and contracts:

  • Institutional sign-off (by the Director, Office of Research) on all Tri-Council grants and most grant applications (received within 3 working days prior to agency deadline date, with departmental and faculty signature/approval); most SSHRC and NSERC Institutional/Internal Grant Programs; and most Contract Agreements;

Other Functions

Other research-related functions of the Office of Research Services include:

  • Circulates/maintains information on grant competitions, (including institutional deadline dates);
  • Liaises with Tri-Council and departments to confirm potential applicants who have submitted Notification of Intent to Apply (i.e. NSERC Discovery grants competition)
  • Upon request, provides Administrative Reviews on Grant Applications and Contracts (received 10 working days prior to funding deadline date - longer for major Fall Tri-Council competitions );
  • Liaises with Tri-Council and departments for the annual confirmation of continuing eligibility of Tri-Council grant holders (P.I. and Co-I.), communicating any noted changes;
  • Receives from Tri-Council granting agencies, and communicates to applicants, department head and faculty, results of grant competitions.
  • Establishes research grant and contract accounts (request for and approval of Banner Foapals from Research Finance Office, Dept. Of Financial & Administrative Services) for the release of grant funding instalments into established research accounts, pending required clearances (where applicable) and receipt of internal departmental/faculty approvals and/or signatures on agreements;
  • Records/maintains a database on research funding (applied for and outcome), confirmed annually with individual researchers, and included in the university’s Inventory of Sponsored Projects;
  • Point of contact and institutional sign-off for the transfer of Tri-Council grant funding (to and from Memorial), and contract/collaborative agreements, and material transfer agreements;
  • Administers NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards at Universities (USRA) Program;
  • Administers internal institutional programs; i.e. NSERC Northern Research Supplement Program;

Contact: Jessica McLachlin, Grants Coordinator, (External Grants SC); IIC-2015; 3805
Contact: Michelle Butt, Grants Coordinator, (Internal Grants); IIC-2015; 8388

Office of Research Services Approval Forms:

Departmental/Faculty Approval Form for NSERC Grant Applications
Departmental/Faculty Approval Form for CIHR Grant Applications
Internal Approval Form for SSHRC Grant Applications


Office of Collaboration and Partnerships

The Office of Collaboration and Partnerships at Memorial University provides the following research services, pertaining to research supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Canada Research Chairs (CRD), the ACOA, Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF), and the Research Development Corporation (RDC) of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Director, Office of Collaboration and Partnerships, recommends institutional sign-off (provided by the Vice President (Research)) on ACOA, CFI, and RDC applications (received by set institutional deadline date, with applicant, departmental, faculty signatures, and prior to funding agency deadline date);

Other Functions

Other research-related functions of the Office of Collaborations and Partnerships include, but are not limited to:

  • Circulating information on grant competitions, (including institutional deadline dates);
  • Submitting signed applications to funding agency, and advising applicant, co-investigators, department and faculty of funding agency decisions;
  • Maintaining application files, and providing copies to the Office of Research for database input;
  • Liaising with applicable funding agencies and providing competition results;
  • Developing collaborations and partnerships;
  • Overseeing activities of the CREAIT Research Equipment Network and Major Research Partnerships.

Contact: (for Science Applicants) Joy Carew, Coordinator - Research Development; IIC-3067; 2598;

Institutional Nominations, Awards and Prizes for Research Excellence

These awards also administered through the Office of the Vice-President (Research), with institutional signature provided by the VP Research. Included in these are: The Terra Nova Young Innovators Award, President’s Award for Outstanding Research, and University Research Professor. [The Faculty of Science values the contribution of faculty, staff and students, and actively contributes to the nomination process for institutional awards.] View a list of external research prize and award competitions.

Contact: Ellen Steinhauer, Co-ordinator of Institutional Nominations and Awards (IIC-2006A); 2651.