Distinguished Service Award

The Dean of Science Distinguished Service Award recognizes service demonstrably superior to that normally expected of staff members, in areas including:

Dr. Mark Abrahams and Cindy Miller

  • Job performance to a high standard and in a manner helping the Faculty of Science to achieve its objectives
  • Efforts to make the Faculty of Science a welcome community for students, faculty and staff
  • Actions to help students, faculty, and colleagues in their work
  • Actions to make the Faculty of Science better known and respected in the community at large

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2017 Distinguished Service Award. See the nomination form and the guidelines for details. The deadline for nominations to be submitted to the Dean of Science Office is March 3, 2017.


Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2016 - Cindy Milley, Department of Computer Science 
 - Michelle Miskell, Department of Earth Sciences 
- Craig Skinner, Department of Biochemistry
2013 - Danny Boyce, Ocean Sciences Centre
2012 - Ms. Linda Gaborko, Department of Psychology
2011 - Ms. Roberta Hicks, Department of Earth Sciences
2010 - Ms. Connie Short, Ocean Sciences Centre
2009 - Ms. Rosalind English, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
2008 - Ms. Joy Simmons, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography
2007 - Ms. Christine Everson, Department of Biology
2007 - Ms. Delores Wheeler, Ocean Sciences Centre
2005 - Mr. Henry Murphy, Department of Biochemistry
2005 - Mr. Raymund Pätzold, Department of Earth Sciences
2004 - Mr. Cliff McCarthy, Department of Chemistry
2004 - Ms. Elaine Boone, Department of Computer Science
2004 - Mr. Roger Guest & Mr. Wayne Holly, Dept of Physics & Physical Oceanography
2003 - Ms. Linda Corbett, Department of Chemistry
2003 - Ms. Mary Flinn, Department of Chemistry
2003 - Mr. J. Nolan White, Department of Computer Science