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Land and Seabed Imaging Facility

The Land and Seabed Imaging Facility provides researchers, government agencies and private sector R&D companies with access to a variety of geological and geophysical equipment for imaging and mapping the Earth’s crust.

The equipment associated with this facility is grouped under two main categories: (1) Land Acquisition Systems, including a 288-channel seismic reflection system, a ground-penetrating radar, a terrain conductivity unit, a resistivity profiler and a mag/vlf unit, and (2) Marine Acquisition Systems, including a multibeam echo sounder, two separate high-resolution seismic reflection systems, a 48-channel marine seismic acquisition system, and piston and gravity corers. Detailed specifications for each piece of equipment are available by selecting the appropriate heading.

Inquires concerning the types of services provided, user fees and scheduling should be made to the Land and Seabed Imaging Facility staff (Darrell Mouland)