Optical Spectroscopy

The Chemical Dynamics Laboratory for Fast Kinetics Research is comprised of:

- Agilent HP8453A UV-Visible diode array spectrophotometer

- Photon Technologies, Inc. QuantaMaster 6000 spectrofluorometer

- Photon Technologies, Inc. LaserStrobe TM-3 fluorescence lifetime spectrofluorometer

- Applied Photophysics LKS 60 laser flash photolysis spectrometer

Variable temperature luminescence and transient absorption measurements (from 77 – 298 K) are acquired using Oxford Instruments Optistat DN (for solutions) and DN-V (for films and solids) liquid nitrogen-cooled optical spectroscopy cryostats.

Potential and new users must arrange to meet with the laboratory research coordinator to discuss the nature of the work required and to schedule training. The facility is typically available M – F from 9 am – 5 pm (4:30 pm during summer hours). There is also a sample service for infrequent users.


Please contact Dr. Brent Myron for more information at 864-6798, or by email, brent.myron@mun.ca.



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