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Physical Sciences Facilities

CREAIT labs related to the physical sciences:

Centre for Chemical Analysis, Research and Training (C-CART)

C-CART equipmentC-CART provides research support, training and chemical analysis services to undergraduate and graduate students, university researchers, government agencies and private sector R&D companies.

The instruments associated with C-CART are grouped into five service areas: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), X-Ray Crystallography (XRD), Mass Spectrometry, Materials Characterization and Optical Spectroscopy.




Computing, Simulation and Landmark Visualization Facility

Visualization CentreThis facility provides researchers with access to a variety of computing engines for imaging, modeling and simulation, together with a 3D immersive large-screen visualization room, and associated large format plotters.




The Earth Resources Research and Analysis Facility (TERRA)

TERRA facilityThe Earth Resources Research and Analysis (TERRA) Facility is housed in the Department of Earth Sciences. TERRA provides chemical and physical analyses utilizing a large variety of instrumentations, including ICP-MS, XRF, XRD, Microprobe, radiogenic isotope, stable isotope, gamma detector, multisensor core logger and CT scanner instruments.





Land and Seabed Imaging Facility

LSIF equipmentThe Land and Seabed Imaging Facility provides researchers, government agencies and private sector R&D companies with access to a variety of geological and geophysical equipment for imaging and mapping the Earth’s crust. The equipment associated with this facility is grouped under two main categories: (1) Land Acquisition Systems, including a 288-channel seismic reflection system, a ground-penetrating radar, a terrain conductivity unit, a resistivity profiler and a mag/vlf unit, and (2) Marine Acquisition Systems, including a multibeam echo sounder, two separate high-resolution seismic reflection systems, a 48-channel marine seismic acquisition system, and piston and gravity corers.




Micro Analysis Facility (MAF-IIC)

MAF-IIC facilityMAF-IIC specializes in high-resolution imaging and in-situ microbeam chemical analysis and age dating of minerals and other materials such as environmental and archaeological samples. The Facility has ongoing research and development projects on ore characterization for metallurgy and advanced mineral exploration but aims to support a wide range of research throughout the university and beyond.