Marine Environmental Research Laboratory for Intelligent Vehicles (MERLIN)-Note below lab has moved

Sara, Neil and Moqin with AUV

Please note: The MERLIN laboratory has moved to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is no longer associated with the CREAIT Network.


The MERLIN lab is a multi-disciplinary facility that is involved with the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for research in the marine environment. Another component of the lab is a particle image velocimetry (PIV) system. Both are housed within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

AUVs can provide a means to do a wide array of research in the oceans and in hazardous underwater environments that cannot be done by other means. These vehicles are ideal for extensive ocean environmental monitoring, scientific survey and resource exploration work in the Atlantic and under the ice of the Canadian Arctic where extensive areas of the seabed that are normally inaccessible or can not be obtained with the same precision due to the nature of ship based sampling.

The PIV system is an optical method used to measure velocities and related properties in fluids. Water is seeded with particles to show the flow dynamics around objects of interest such as ship models and marine risers. It is the motion of these seeding particles that is used to calculate velocity information which is recorded using a series of cameras and a laser as a light source.

Inquires concerning the AUV or PIV systems should be made to the Research Lab Coordinators of MERLIN as seen on the staff page. The Facility welcomes work from graduate students, university and government agency researchers, and private sector R&D companies.



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