New infrastructure fund to boost research and development

By Sonia B. Glover

A new $2-million  Research Infrastructure Fund recently announced for Memorial University will enhance the institution's research and development capabilities.

A new initiative under the Advanced Technology component of the Canada/Newfoundland Agreement on Economic Renewal, the Research Infrastructure Fund focuses on four areas: medical research; information technologies and informatics; biotechnolgy and pharmaceuticals; and marine sciences and environmental research. Each targeted area has been allotted $500,000.

The fund will strengthen Memorial's capacities in the selected research areas as the university competes for funds on the national and international levels.

Memorial president Dr. Arthur May said the announced funding will also support upgrading of operating capabilities and personnel in order to sustain ongoing basic research, and provide underlying support for contractual research and development.

He added: "It is important to remember that, in addition to its teaching role, Memorial is committed to meeting its objectives as the province's largest research facility."

The Research infrastructure Fund was announced by  the Hon Fred. Mifflin, minister responsible for ACOA and Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister John Efford at a joint news conference at the Delta Hotel on April 8.


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