For April 2 '98 Gazette

Memorial doubles success rate in SSHRC competition

Results of  the 1998-99 SSHRC research grants competition brought great news for Memorial University, with a  35 per cent success rate, compared to last year's 17 per cent. Seven new research grants were awarded to researchers in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education and the School of Music. Also, one additional faculty member in Education was co-applicant under a grant awarded to the University of Toronto.

Dr. Kevin Keough, vice-president (research and international relations) said the SSHRC results are encouraging.

"I am exceptionally pleased with these results and congratulate the individuals who were successful in this competition. It is also important to point out that there were a number of other individuals who had  their grants approved, but were not successful in receiving any awards because of limited SSHRC funding . . . this speaks highly of the quality of their applications."

In total, $238,729 was awarded to the following researchers at Memorial: Dr. Elliot Leyton, Anthropology; Dr. Denyse Lynde, English, together with Mr. Richard Buehler, English, and Ms. Gail Weir, Library; Dr. Derek Nurse, Linguistics; Dr. David Reid, Education, together with Dr. Vicki Zack, McGill University; Dr. Priscilla Renouf, Anthropology, together with Dr. Trevor Bell, Geography; Dr. Paul Rice, Music; and Dr. Danny Vickers, History. Dr. Elizabeth Yeoman, Education, will complete her SSHRC-funded research program under a grant awarded to Judy Iseke-Barnes, University of Toronto.


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