Research Report 2007

Publications by writers and editors at Memorial University

Woman Arborescent
By Annick Perrot-Bishop Translated by Dr. Neil Bishop

Critical Health Psychology Health Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice, Second Edition
By Dr. Michael Murray

The New Foundling Hospital for Wit, 1768-1773
By Dr. Donald Nichol

Fundamentals of Spatial Data Quality
Edited by Dr. Rodolphe Devillers and R. Jeansoulin

The European Union in the wake of Eastern enlargement: Institutional and policy-making challenges
Edited by Dr. Osvaldo Croci and Amy Verdun

Restoring the First-century Church in the Twenty-first Century: Essays on the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, in Honour of Don Haymes
Edited by Dr. Hans Rollmann and Warren Lewis

Doing Fieldwork: Ethnographic Research for Fieldwork in Developing Countries
By Dr. Wayne Fife

Thus Spake JimBob: The Cullum Blog
By Dr. Mark Schoenberg

Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment
Edited By Dr. Peter R. Sinclair and Dr. Rosemary E. Ommer

The Miners of Wabana
By Gail Weir

Selected Styles in Web-Based Educational Research
Dr. Bruce Mann

Reading and Teaching Henry Giroux
By Drs. Clar Doyle and Amarjit Singh

Politics, Power and the Common Good: An Introduction to Political Science
Edited by Dr. David Close, Eric Mintz and Dr. Osvaldo Croci

Biochemistry of Atherosclerosis
Dr. Sukhinder Kaur (Cheema)

The Transatlantic Divide: Foreign and Security Policies in the Atlantic Alliance from Kosovo to Iraq
Edited by Osvaldo Croci and Amy Verdun

The Hittite — I/-MI Conjugations: Evidence for an Early Indo-European Voice Opposition
By Dr. Sarah Rose

Counselling Ethics: Issues and Cases
William E. Schulz, Glenn W. Sheppard, Ron Lehr and Blythe Shepard

Literature and Identity: Essays on Newfoundland and Labrador
By Dr. Ronald Rompkey

Vikings to U-Boats: The German Experience in Newfoundland and Labrador
By Dr. Gerhard P. Bassler

Hard-Headed and Big-Hearted: Writing Newfoundland
By Dr. Stuart Pierson

There's a Lot of it About: Acute Respiratory Infections in Primary Care
By Dr. Graham Worrall

Memoirs and Madness: Leonid Andreev Through the Prism of the Literary Portrait
By Dr. Frederick White