Research Report 2007

Portrait of Dr. Axel Meisen
Dr. Axel Meisen
Portrait of Dr. Chris Loomis
Dr. Chris Loomis

Welcome to the 2007 Research Report

The generation and dissemination of knowledge and new ideas are the hallmarks of universities. Assessed against this broad benchmark, the first 56 years of the Memorial University have been a period of great accomplishment. However, in a world where change is occurring at an unprecedented rate, no institution can be content to dwell on its past accomplishments.

A major achievement in 2006-07 was the completion of Memorial's new strategic plan. This process, involving both internal and external consultations, provided an important forum for renewal. Research features prominently in the plan, recognizing the conditions and intellectual environment necessary to attract and retain the very best faculty, staff and students. The plan also builds on a spirit and history of creativity in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A sense of that spirit can be found in this, the 2007 annual Research Report. The stories featured here showcase the diversity, rigor, creativity and vibrant culture of research at Memorial. We hope they spark your interest and curiosity. You can find further details about them, as well as the scope and impact of research at Memorial University, by going to

As always, we look forward to your comments.