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Introducing... Memorial welcomes new research talent

Memorial continues to attract outstanding researchers to its faculty complement. This year they come from as far as Nepal and as close as our own backyard. Their areas of research expertise include the politics of Northern Ireland, social history of religion during the medieval period, conversion of light energy into chemical energy, international corporate finance, bone cancer research and artificial intelligence. They come to Memorial from universities across the globe including Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Wales at Swansea and Johns Hopkins University.

{Dr. Majid Abdi}
Dr. Majid Abdi
{Dr. Todd Andrews}
Dr. Todd Andrews
{Dr. Michael Atkinson}
Dr. Michael Atkinson
{Dr. Robert Bertolo}
Dr. Robert Bertolo
{Dr. Christina Bottaro}
Dr. Christina Bottaro
{Dr. Greg Brown}
Dr. Greg Brown
{Dr. Janet Brunton}
Dr. Janet Brunton
{Dr. Lindsay Byran}
Dr. Lindsay Byran
{Dr. Jeff Critch}
Dr. Jeff Critch
{Dr. Stephanie Curnoe}
Dr. Stephanie Curnoe
{Dr. Tamas Dobozy}
Dr. Tamas Dobozy
{Dr. Jules Doré}
Dr. Jules Doré
{Dr. Evan Edinger}
Dr. Evan Edinger
{Dr. Bernard Fournier}
Dr. Bernard Fournier
{Dr. Kurt Gamperl}
Dr. Kurt Gamperl
{Dr. Robert Gendron}
Dr. Robert Gendron
{Janet Goosney}
Janet Goosney
{Dr. Peter Hart}
Dr. Peter Hart
{Barbara Hunt}
Barbara Hunt
{Dr. Tariq Iqbal}
Dr. Tariq Iqbal
{Dr. Peruvemba Jaya}
Dr. Peruvemba Jaya
{Dr. Thormod Johansen}
Dr. Thormod Johansen
{Dr. Faisal Khan}
Dr. Faisal Khan
{Dr. Andrew Latus}
Dr. Andrew Latus
{Dr. James Lawson}
Dr. James Lawson
{Cheng Li}
Cheng Li
{Dr. Daniel MacPhee}
Dr. Daniel MacPhee
{Dr. George Mann}
Dr. George Mann
{Dr. Vlastimil Maselk}
Dr. Vlastimil Maselk
{Dr. Maria Mathews}
Dr. Maria Mathews
{Dr. Dev Raj Mishra}
Dr. Dev Raj Mishra
{Dr. David Morgan}
Dr. David Morgan
{Dr. Kaushik Nag}
Dr. Kaushik Nag
{Dr. Hélène Paradis}
Dr. Hélène Paradis
{Robert Power}
Robert Power
{Dr. Andrew Pulham}
Dr. Andrew Pulham
{Dr. Tia Renouf}
Dr. Tia Renouf
{Dr. Yvan Rose}
Dr. Yvan Rose
{Dr. John Shirokoff}
Dr. John Shirokoff
{Dr. Nancy Sullivan}
Dr. Nancy Sullivan
{Anne-Marie Sullivan}
Anne-Marie Sullivan
{Dr. David Thompson}
Dr. David Thompson
{Helene Volkoff}
Helene Volkoff
{Dr. Robin Whitaker}
Dr. Robin Whitaker
{Dr. Frederick White}
Dr. Frederick White
{Dr. Peter Whitridge}
Dr. Peter Whitridge
{Dr. Husam Younes}
Dr. Husam Younes

{Memorial University of Newfoundland}