The Office of Research has been publishing annual Research Inventories since 1974. This volume, the 22nd in this series, lists all specifically funded research in the university for the fiscal year April 1, 1995, to March 31, 1996. Grants and contracts for developmental and international projects are included, as are awards made for the organization of conferences at which research results are disseminated, and fellowships that facilitate research. Awards concerned solely with teaching support are not included.


The Inventory does not list all research activity being carried out at Memorial.  It lists only the research that has received direct funding support.  Another publication of the Office of Research, the Research Directory covers the research interests and activity of current members of faculty.  The latest printed edition of the Research Directory is 1994; however, an updated edition is available on our website at  A printed version will be published in 1997.


In 1995-96 external research support amounted to just under $26 million, showing a slight decline over the total amount of just over $26 million reported for the previous year.


Many grants and contracts are awarded for a single fiscal year; however, a substantial number bridge two or more years.  For any research funding that spans more than one year, this Inventory includes only the portion awarded during the 1995-96 fiscal year.  The details were compiled from Office of Research records.  Preliminary lists were sent to heads of departments and other units for verification prior to publication.  While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and completeness, some errors may have occurred.  Any errors or omissions should be reported to the Office of Research.





The listing is organized in alphabetical order, first by faculty or other unit, then by department where applicable, and finally by principal investigator within each unit.  Projects supported by funds from agencies and organizations outside the university are reported in the first section of the Inventory.  Grants awarded internally from block funds and from faculty funds are listed in the next section.  For both internal and external awards, each research project is individually listed, giving the name of the principal investigator(s), title of the research project, funding agency or fund, and the amount awarded for 1995-96.  Some scholars have appointments in more than one faculty or department, or are cross-appointed with an institute.  Their projects are listed in detail only once but the additional affiliations are noted and cross-referencing is provided so that the details of all awards may be readily located.




The production of the Research Inventory was, once again, owing to the efforts of a number of individuals.  Primary credit is owed to Elizabeth Williams who, under the guidance of Craig Perchard, saw it through from preliminary listings to final draft.  Debbie Barnes and Janice Peach assisted with the verification of data. Ivan Muzychka, University Relations/Office of Research, co-ordinated the photographs which were taken by Photographic Services, and by the Health Sciences Information and Media Service.  Joan Bessey (Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning) assisted with the compilation of statistical material; and Linda Russell of Publication Services (University Relations) who was responsible for final editing.