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Internal research awards

2013 John Lewis Paton Distinguished University Professorship

The John Lewis Paton Distinguished University Professorship, named for the first president of Memorial University College, recognizes faculty who embody the university's mission by demonstrating exceptional teaching, undertaking world-class research and sharing their knowledge and expertise widely.

Dr. Patrick Parfrey, Faculty of Medicine, is the inaugural recipient of this prestigious honour in recognition of his exceptional record of excellence in teaching, research and public engagement.  He is an accomplished educator, renowned authority on the clinical epidemiology of kidney and genetic diseases and an outstanding community leader.

2013 University Research Professors

The title of University Research Professor is the most prestigious award the university gives for research, and goes to faculty who have demonstrated a consistently high level of scholarship and whose research is of truly international stature.

From the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Graham Bodwell's research focuses on the synthesis and properties of novel aromatic compounds that are of both practical and theoretical interest.  He is widely recognized as the world leader in the field, and is also renowned for his ability to infect audiences with his passion for organic synthesis.

Dr. Chris Parrish, Departments of Ocean Sciences and Biology, works at the intersection of chemistry and biology in the area of aquatic lipid research.  Dr. Parrish studies fats and oils in the natural environment and in the nutrition of cultured organisms. 


2013 President's Award for Outstanding Research

The President's Awards for Outstanding Research recognizes researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their scholarly disciplines and who have received a graduate degree, or a disciplinary equivalent, within the last ten years.

Dr.Faisal Khan, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, holds the Vale Research Chair in Process Risk and Safety Engineering and is known for his tireless energy, prolific research record and his commitment to teaching and mentoring of students.  He is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in in the field of safety and risk management.
In the seven years since arriving at Memorial, Dr. John Sandlos, Department of History, has become a nationally and internationally recognized environmental historian of Northern Canada.  His research focuses on the relationship between state policy, wildlife management and the development of parks, minig and Aboriginal Peoples.


2012 Terra Nova Young Innovator Award

The Terra Nova Young Innovator Award recognizes and supports outstanding young faculty members whose research is particularly innovative and whose specific research proposal has real potential for a significant impact on society.

Dr. Mani Larijani, an assistant professor of immunology and infectious diseases and oncology in the Division of Biomedical Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine.  His research has four main aims: to determine the molecular mechanisms of DNA mutating enzymes; to understand how they are regulated inside cells; to elucidate their contribution to cancer and immunity; and to harness this knowledge towards anti-cancer therapy and the development of novel anti-viral therapies.