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Awards & Honours

Memorial University of Newfoundland is committed to gaining recognition for the outstanding accomplishments in research by its scholars.

Click here to access a full listing of internal and external research awards, details on how to apply, and deadlines.

It is the responsibility of the Co-ordinator of Institutional Nominations and Awards to identify candidates for a targeted award or honour and to determine if their accomplishments meet the award eligibility criteria. Deans, directors, department heads, colleagues and/or candidates will be consulted regarding the requirements for the given award and honour. Expectations and responsibilities of each individual will be discussed and agreed upon before the nomination will be pursued.

There are many research awards that are listed on the Awards and Prizes page. If you know of a colleague who is deserving of one of these awards or honours please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance by calling (709) 864-2651 or email Ellen Steinhauer.