Undergraduate Spring 2012


  • Registration Procedures - These procedures are no longer available in printed form. The information is online, including a searchable listing of course offerings, sections and related course information, through Memorial Self-Service or here, the Office of the Registrar's Registration website. A PDF or print copy of these registration procedures, the list of course offerings, or both, can be made available upon request to ehillman@mun.ca

  • Single e-mail policy - Students must have an active @mun.ca e-mail account for communication with the Office of the Registrar. Permission to register (with your registration time) and Enrolment Verification documents, etc. will no longer be mailed and will only be sent to activated @mun.ca e-mail accounts. To set up your @mun.ca e-mail account, go to my.mun.ca. The Academic Advising Centre's web site provides step-by-step instructions. For more information about e-mail communication with students, click here.
  • Instructions for Students and Procedures for the Conduct of Examinations - Students are required to show their Memorial photo identification cards in order to be permitted to write their final examinations.
    Effective Winter Semester 2012, a student registered in a distance course will be required to present both a Memorial Campus Card ID and a piece of government-issued photo identification to invigilators prior to writing tests and examinations. It is the responsibility of the exam invigilator to determine if the likeness between the two pieces of ID is true. A student will not be permitted to write the exam if the invigilator does not find a match between both photos.

    Distance students can obtain their Campus Cards by following the instructions at www.mun.ca/answers.

    Information about instructions and procedures for the conduct of examinations is available here.

  • Release of Final Grades - Printed grade reports are no longer mailed to students. Grades will be officially released through Memorial Self-Service beginning at 5 p.m. on June 26 for Intersession courses, and on August 16 for 14-week Spring Semester and Summer Session courses.

  • Math Placement Test - As you register for Math 1MPT (St. John’s Campus only), please make careful note of the particular room and time for your section. Use the Course Search feature in the Course Offerings to find out about 1MPT; information about MPT sections, rooms and times is available at the end of the Mathematics section of the Course Offerings.

  • Distance Education Information in Memorial Self-Service - Distance Education Course Information Letters and notification of term tests and final exam dates, times and locations are available through the Distance Education menu in Memorial Self-Service This information is not mailed to students. You are advised to visit the Distance Education section of Memorial Self-Service immediately upon registration for essential course information, and periodically throughout the semester for information on exams.

  • Desire2Learn - Memorial has a learning management system, Desire2Learn, for all distance students and on-campus students who have registered for a course that will feature a web-based component. Increasingly, courses delivered on campus will supplement face-to-face teaching with web-based tools to share course notes, have discussion forums, etc. To access your course, visit the DELTS website and click on the "Log On To Your Web Course" link. If you need help on campus to set up your account, you can visit the Commons in the QEll Library.

  • Student Loans Distribution - Approved certificates of eligibility for the Canada–Newfoundland and Labrador Student Loans Program will be available for pick-up and processing on May 7 and 8 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at The Landing, UC3018. After these dates, loans can be picked up at Answers, UC3005. Please visit www.mun.ca/answers for more information.

    Students who pick up their loans must present a valid photo ID issued in Canada by the federal or a provincial or territorial government such as a valid driver's license, passport, provincial health card with a photo or a permanent residency or citizenship card.

    At Grenfell Campus, student loans will be distributed from the Bursar's Office as of 9 a.m. on May 7.

    If you are on a work placement or doing your courses by Distance Education and can not pick up your loan during regular office hours, you can request to have your student loan sent in the mail. Students can avail of this service through Memorial Self-Service under the Financial Information Section to complete the mail-out form.

    If you are receiving a student loan from a province other than Newfoundland and Labrador, you can finalize necessary documents and pick up your loan at the Smallwood Centre, UC4018. Ask for Cheryl Peckham at (709)864-3536 or (709)864-6168. Students from the United States who are interested in applying for U.S. Student Aid should contact the International Scholarship Co-ordinator at (709)864-6167, Smallwood Centre, UC4018. Students at Grenfell Campus should contact Linda Carroll at (709)637-6249, Student Affairs, AS233.

  • Access to Information and Protection of Privacy - To comply with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP), requests for release of personal information require the consent of the student. Telephone or e-mail requests from students will be subject to additional identity verification, and a student will be required to provide written consent to allow release of personal information to a parent or other third party. For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (709)864-8260.