Memorial University provides for registration through Memorial Self-Service. The following registration procedures outline students' responsibilities in registering and instructions for using Memorial Self-Service. Therefore, please take a few moments to read these procedures.

Confirmation of Eligibility to Register

Your e-mail account will receive confirmation of your eligibility to register and the date and time at which you may begin your registration as well as your program of studies. This information is also available from Memorial Self-Service. If you are a current student you should refer to Memorial Self-Service for this information.

Making Changes to your Program

You should review the information in your e-mailed confirmation or on Memorial Self-Service to confirm its accuracy. Any changes to your academic program information should be made by completing and returning a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form to the Office of the Registrar at least one week before registration, as your eligibility for admission to some courses may be determined on the basis of your academic program information on file. Students pursuing a certificate program should also declare this on the Declaration/Change of Academic Program form (available at the Office of the Registrar or downloadable as a pdf here).

Registration Priority

Memorial University uses a registration priority system to determine the date and/or time of students' registration. This system is based on two factors: the number of credit hours earned prior to spring semester 2012 and the grade point average. The grade point average used is the higher of either the cumulative grade point average earned prior to spring semester 2012, or the grade point average based on your last 30 credit hours completed prior to spring semester 2012.

For new students, i.e. those who have not previously attended a post-secondary institution, early-offer scholarship recipients register first; all other new students register in accordance with a schedule based on the first three letters of their last name. For more information, see the official Registration Priority Policy document.