September 29, 1998

1) The annual cost of foreign health insurance will be charged to graduate students in two installments, one half in the fall semester and the other half in the winter semester. Students admitted in January or May will be required to pay their prorated premium for the balance of the academic year in their first semester.

2) If you select the option for payroll deductions in the fall semester you will be covered for three semesters from the date of signing. This will eliminate the necessity to complete forms each semester. If you select the option for payroll deductions after the fall semester you will be covered for the balance of the semesters in the academic year (currently in practice). Therefore, all students who wish to have payroll deductions must submit a new payroll deduction form each Fall semester. Forms are available from the Cashier's Office (A1023), the Graduate Students' Union (Feild Hall), or the School of Graduate Studies (IIC2012). In addition, the forms can be downloaded from the University website ( Completed forms should be sent directly to the Cashier's Office. If any changes are made to the form by the Cashier's Office, a corrected copy will be returned to you. You may also sign and submit a blank form to the Cashier's Office, it will be completed and a copy returned to you. Please check the returned form to ensure that all charges appear. (For example, meal plan, Burton's Pond, Health Insurance, etc.) It is your responsibility to notify the Cashier's Office of missing charges.

3) Payroll deduction forms have been changed to identify more clearly the number of pay periods that fees will be deducted over and the amount of each deduction. Please retain a copy of your deduction agreement.

4) If you are late in signing your payroll deduction authorization, or you experience delays in the processing your graduate support, your accumulated deductions will be deducted from your accumulated retroactive support payments wherever possible.

5) For students who have completed their authorization by the fees payment deadline (see University Diary), payroll deduction should commence with the second pay period in each semester and will be extended over the maximum number of periods available within a semester. This will usually result in a minimum of seven to a maximum of eight deductions per semester.

6) If you change your registration status or are charged late fees, library fines, etc., you will be responsible for contacting the Cashier's Office to arrange an increase in their deduction agreement or arrange direct payment prior to the commencement of the next semester.

7) Outstanding fees for a semester must be settled prior to the commencement of the next semester. You may access your student account through Memorial Self-Service to determine your status.

8) If you negotiate an emergency loan you may choose to repay it through a lump-sum payment, or you may contact the Cashier's Office to arrange deduction amounts in the semester in which the loan is due. You will not be permitted to increase your deductions for outstanding fees or loans past due.