Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2015/2016)
14.6 Courses
14.6.1 Required Core Courses
  • Business 8104 Organizations: Behaviour and Structure
  • Business 8106 Marketing
  • Business 8109 Accounting for Management
  • Engineering 9396 Engineering Management Topics
  • Engineering 9397 Advanced Modelling and Quality Management
  • Engineering 930A/B Engineering Management Project (6 credit hours) (formerly Engineering 9395)
14.6.2 Elective Courses from the Faculty of Business Administration

In addition to the courses noted below, and upon individual request, the Board of Studies may also consider particular 8000 or 9000-level Business courses provided that the course is deemed by the Board to be of satisfactory content relevant to the M.E.M. program and the student has satisfied the applicable prerequisites requirements for the course.

  • Business 8103 Statistical Applications in Management
  • Business 8107 Managing Ethics and Responsibility
  • Business 8108 Economics for Business
  • Business 8204 Human Resource Management
  • Business 8205 Information Systems
  • Business 8206 Managerial Finance
  • Business 8207 Operations Management
  • Business 8209 Leadership and Interpersonal Skills for Managers
  • Business 8210 Labour Relations
14.6.3 Elective Courses from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

See Core Courses and Other Courses under Master of Engineering.