Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2017/2018)
22.4 Thesis and Project Report
  1. A student completing a Master of Physical Education thesis option will be required to present a thesis proposal for his or her proposed thesis normally by the end of the third semester. The thesis proposal shall normally consist of a full written proposal (including literature review) submitted to the Supervisory Committee, a summary to be distributed to graduate students and faculty one week prior to the presentation, and a formal presentation normally at the seminar series. The candidate may be questioned on his/her proposal by the Supervisory Committee and seminar audience. Any deficiencies noted during the presentation should be carefully considered by the student and the Supervisory Committee prior to proceeding with the thesis.

  2. Evaluation of the thesis or project report shall be governed by School of Graduate Studies General Regulations, Theses and Reports. The thesis or project report shall normally be evaluated by two examiners approved by the Dean.

  3. When the thesis or project report has been completed to the satisfaction of the Dean, the Dean shall recommend that the candidate be awarded the degree.