Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2016/2017)
24.6 Biochemistry
  • Professor and Head of the Department
  • M.D. Berry
24.6.1 Program of Study

The Degree of Master of Science is offered in Biochemistry or Food Science to full-time and part-time students.

The admission requirements for the graduate programs in Biochemistry and Food Science are as given under Regulations Governing Master of Science Degrees. Depending on the background and/or area of specialization, a candidate's program may include additional courses taken for credit in Biochemistry, Food Science, or related subjects.

The program of a candidate for the M.Sc. Degree shall be the responsibility of the supervisory committee, composed of the Supervisor and at least two other faculty members recommended with the concurrence of the Supervisor by the Head of the Department or delegate.

It is the responsibility of the student to arrange regular meetings with his or her supervisory committee. A semi-annual report, prepared by the Supervisor and signed by all members of the supervisory committee, is required to be given to the Head of the Department or delegate.

All graduate students are expected to attend and participate in the Departmental seminars.

A student completing an M.Sc. Degree will be required to present a seminar on his/her research area. The seminar will normally take place during the last semester of the student's program.

Any deficiencies noted during the seminar should be carefully considered by the student and the supervisory committee prior to submission of the thesis for final examination.

24.6.2 Courses

A series of advanced courses in the areas outlined below will be offered. Normally only one course will be offered per semester.

  • 6000-6009 Special Topics in Biochemistry
  • 6010-6019 Special Topics in Nutrition and Metabolism
  • 6020-6029 Special Topics in Food Science
  • 6400 Control of Intermediary Metabolism
  • 6460 Structural Biochemistry
  • 6520 Nutritional Biochemistry
  • 6530 Food Biochemistry
  • 6590 Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology (credit restricted with Biology 6590 and Medicine 6590)
  • 6630 Marine Biochemistry
  • 6680 Processing and Quality of Foods