Office of the Registrar
General Information (2017/2018)
7.9 General Counsel, Office of

  • General Counsel
  • Cooper, M.C., B.Comm.(Hons.) Memorial, M.I.R. Toronto, L.L.B. Dalhousie, CIC.C, CCCA
  • Associate General Counsel
  • Worsfold, S., B.A., M.Div. Queen’s, L.L.B. Dalhousie
  • Associate General Counsel - Research
  • Forbes, C., B.A.(Hons.) Mount Allison, M.A. Acadia, L.L.B. Dalhousie

The Office of the General Counsel provides legal and strategic advice to the University, the senior administration, and the Board of Regents; provides education initiatives on legal matters affecting the University; and works with the University on the development of policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance and best practices.