Office of the Registrar
General Information (2017/2018)
12.10 Harris Centre

  • Executive Director
  • Greenwood, R., B.A.(Hons.) Memorial, M.A. York, Ph.D. Warwick
  • Associate Director
  • Clair, M., M.P., M.B.A. Memorial
  • Communications Coordinators
  • Cohoe, R. B.A.(Hons.) Western, M.A. Memorial
  • Newhook, C., B.A. Ottawa
  • Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator
  • Tucker, A., B.A., M.A., Dip. Heritage Resources Memorial
  • Knowledge Mobilization Manager
  • Fürst, B., B.A. Mount Royal, Pg. Dip. Institute of Social Science, The Hague, M.A. Memorial
  • Professional Associates
  • Andrews, M., B.Eng. (Civil Engineering) Nova Scotia Technical College, MASC Transportation Planning University of Waterloo
  • Browne, L., B.A, M.B.A. Memorial
  • Shrimpton, M., B.A.(Hons.), University of Reading, UK, M.A. Memorial
  • Storey, K., B.A.(Hons.) Leicester, M.A. Simon Fraser, Ph.D. Western Ontario
  • Vardy, D., B.A.(Hons.), B.Comm. Memorial, M.A. University of Toronto, M.A. Princeton University, Honorary LL.D. Memorial
  • Projects Office Coordinator
  • Duff, J., B. Comm. Memorial

The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development is tasked with coordinating and facilitating the University’s educational, research and outreach activities in the areas of regional development and public policy. The Harris Centre works with all faculty, staff, and students as well as all units within the University and serves as a reliable point of access for all stakeholders seeking to work with the University in activities related to regional development and public policy. The Centre interprets regional as all communities and regions in Newfoundland and Labrador, and policy and development includes all issues that affect the ability of communities and regions to be prosperous and sustainable. The Harris Centre seeks to connect faculty, staff and students with opportunity for practical application in Newfoundland and Labrador while representing the integrity and independence of University research, teaching and outreach. The Centre also provides support for communications, operations, and administration to the Office of Public Engagement and its reporting units.

Further information may be obtained by contacting The Harris Centre by telephone at (709) 864-3143, by e-mail at, or through the website at

The Harris Centre is home to Memorial University of Newfoundland's online connecting tool, Yaffle. Further information may be obtained at