Office of the Registrar
General Information (2015/2016)
7.17 Queen's College (Affiliated Institution)


  • Provost and Vice-Chancellor
  • Peddle, The Venerable G., B.A., M.A. Memorial, M.Div. Queen's College, Ph.D. Cardiff
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Foley, S.


  • Cooke, The Rev'd R., B.Th.(Hons.) Master's, M.T.S.(Hons.) Queen's College; Biblical Studies
  • Doyle, C., B.A.(Ed.) Memorial, M.R.E. St. Michael's, D.Min. St. Andrews; Christian Education, Spirituality, Supervised Practice of Ministry
  • Drinkell, D., B.A. Bristol, Cert. Ed. Cambridge, F.R.C.O. (CHM), A.D.C.M., A.R.C.M.; Church Music, Choir Director
  • Faseruk, A., B.A. Queen's University, B.Comm., M.B.A. Dalhousie, D.B.A. Kentucky, M.T.S. Queen's College; Pastoral Studies
  • Hodder, M., B.A. McGill, B.A. Memorial, Cert. Dramatic Arts Royal Academy, M.Ed. S. Mississippi, M.A. Toronto; Elocution
  • Parker, K., B.A.(Hons.), M.A., Ph.D. McMaster; Biblical Studies
  • Rollmann, H., B.A. Pepperdine, M.A. Vanderbilt, Ph.D. McMaster; Church History
  • Rose, J., B.A.(Hons.), B.Ed., B.Spec.Ed, M.A. Memorial; Biblical Studies
  • Singleton, R., B.A. Memorial, M.Div. King's, W.Ont., D.Min. Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, Ph.D. Foundation House, Oxford; Pastoral Theology
  • Tilley, The Venerable S., B.A., B.A.(Ed.) Memorial, M.Div.(Hons.) Queen's College; Student Placement and Theological Field Education, Supervised Practice of Ministry
  • Whitty, G., M.A. Notre Dame, M.A.(Ed.) Boston College, D.Min. Chicago

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