Office of the Registrar
General Information (2017/2018)
7.12 Information Technology Services (ITS)

  • Director
  • Greene, S., B.Sc., M.Ed. Memorial
  • Associate Director, Client Relationships
  • Dawson, B., B.Sc.(Hons.), B.Ed., M.A.S. Memorial
  • Associate Director, Enterprise Application Services
  • Fillier-Skinner, P., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial
  • Associate Director, Solution, Planning and Delivery
  • Lake, C., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Manager, Administration and Finance
  • Earles, D.
  • Manager, Client Services
  • Peckham, T.
  • Manager, Compliance and Business Continuity
  • Shaw, M., B.Sc., B.Ed. Memorial
  • Manager, Networks and Communications
  • Farrell, T., B.Sc. Memorial
  • Manager, Technical Support
  • Bryant, D., B.Sc., M.Eng. Memorial

The mandate of Information Technology Services (ITS) is to lead the Planning, Design, Building and Support of the Core Information and Communications Technologies required to meet the strategic objectives of Memorial University of Newfoundland. In consultation with the Campus community, ITS is responsible to foster and support appropriate practices in information technology infrastructure, application development and management, business analysis, security, data, software and processes to create an effective and integrated environment.

Core Information and Communications Technologies are those systems and services available to the entire campus or which are pan-university operational systems. Included are:

  • Landline and mobile telephony

  • Technology (internal, external, public networks and data centres)

  • Development, management and operation of enterprise applications

  • Centralized email, web services and collaborative tools

  • Information Technology security management

  • IT project management and consulting

  • Service desk, IT purchasing and desktop support services

  • Student computing (Portal, Information Commons, D2L, Labnet)