Office of the Registrar
General Information (2015/2016)
9.8 Student Life

Student Life is responsible for the development and administration of programs and activities for students, the identification and assessment of emerging campus trends, long range and strategic planning, fostering and supporting campus leadership as it relates to student governments, campus societies and campus policy development for students.

Student Life works closely with students, staff and faculty and the community at large to maximize the quality of student and academic life for students. Student Life is comprised of the following specialty areas: Answers, Aboriginal Resource Office, Glenn Roy Blundon Centre for Students with Disabilities, Career Development and Experiential Learning, International Student Advising, and a developing unit on support and crisis management for students.

9.8.1 Answers

Answers is a frontline service centre for a variety of programs and services for students. Answers coordinates leadership programs such as Orientation for students and parents, Leadership, Education and Preparation (LEAP!), Memorial Student Leadership Conference, Horizons, Memorial Ambassador and Not-for-credit Leadership Certificate Programs. It also offers information about Campus life and the Canada-Newfoundland Student Loans Program, and coordinates the co-curricular Record (CCR). For further information contact Answers by telephone to (709) 864-7461, by email to, or through the website at, or in-person at UC 3005.

9.8.2 Aboriginal Resource Office

The Aboriginal Resource Office provides a variety of services to the Aboriginal student population attending Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's. The Aboriginal Resource Office staff is entrusted to assist and/or refer students on matters related to: admission requirements, adaptation to an academic and urban environment, and educational information that may enhance the educational progress of current and prospective Aboriginal students. The Office also co-ordinates activities to raise awareness of Aboriginal culture on Campus and develops opportunities to engage Aboriginal students in life at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Inquiries can be made in-person at University Centre, UC 4003-4005, by telephone to (709) 864-3495 or (709) 864-8278, or through the website at