Office of the Registrar
General Information (2017/2018)
8.13 The University Library

The University Library consists of the Queen Elizabeth II Library, the Health Sciences Library, the Dr. C.R. Barrett Library, Fisheries and Marine Institute, and the Education Library & Commons all in St. John's, and the Ferriss Hodgett Library in Corner Brook. These five units together have a collection equivalent to 2.5 million volumes and more than 26,000 current journal subscriptions. This collection serves as the major information resource for the University as well as the Province. All units of the library system may be used by all students, faculty and staff, as well as the community at large.

Academic Integrity 100A/B, a course offered by the University Library, introduces students to the concept of academic integrity and the important role it plays at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Students complete online modules on a variety of topics including: understanding the meaning of academic integrity and its associated university regulations; how to complete university work with academic integrity; and how to avail of supports to ensure academic integrity. Normally, 100A is completed by week 7 of a student’s first semester and 100B is completed prior to the end of the student’s second semester. This course is mandatory for first year full-time undergraduate students. Registration in subsequent semesters is dependent upon successful completion of this course. This course is offered only online and has a credit hour value of 0.

8.13.1 Queen Elizabeth II Library

The Queen Elizabeth II library was opened for service in January 1982. It is an impressive structure of 200,000 square feet on five levels. It has a seating capacity of 2,000 and can hold 2.6 million physical volumes. The Information Services Division, located on the main floor (second level), provides assistance to people wishing to make use of the library's resources and services. This division provides reference and computer-assisted bibliographic search services. Library tours and individual or group instruction in the use of the library and its resources may be arranged for students through this division. The Commons part of Information Services is located on the Library's main floor. The Commons is a partnership between Computing and Communications, the Queen Elizabeth II Library, and the Writing Centre. The Commons provides access to print, electronic, and technology resources with the support and expertise needed to help users in the use of these resources. The wall space in the Commons is called First Space and is used to highlight the work of the fine arts students of Memorial University of Newfoundland. The Government Documents Section contains a depository collection of Canadian government documents together with an extensive collection of material from the United States and other countries and international organizations. Document Delivery provides interlibrary loan and services to off-campus students. The Library's Centre for Newfoundland Studies collects all published material pertaining to Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as manuscript materials. The Music Resource Centre, located in the School of Music, contains scores, sound recordings, and listening equipment.

8.13.2 Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library is located on the ground floor of the Health Sciences Centre on the north campus of the University. It is a designated Canadian MEDLINE Centre which provides access to computer-assisted searches of the world's biomedical literature on demand in support of clinical, teaching, and research interests.

The Health Sciences Library has a collection of over 40,000 books on medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and allied health subjects and subscribes to more than 1700 paper and electronic journals. It maintains an audio-visual collection of over 1500 titles, which includes videotapes, slides, microfiche/film and audio cassettes.

8.13.3 Dr. C.R. Barrett Library

The Dr. C.R. Barrett Library is located on the main floor of the Fisheries and Marine Institute. It offers a comprehensive range of library and audio-visual services to students, faculty, and staff at the Fisheries and Marine Institute, the College of North Atlantic Engineering Technology Centre and to the Newfoundland and Labrador marine industries.

The library collection supports study and research in fisheries and aquaculture, marine engineering, nautical science, and the aquatic environment. The collection also includes significant holdings in engineering.

Library holdings include 50,000 books and technical reports, 400 current magazine and newspaper subscriptions, print and electronic reference sources, 1,400 films and videos, maps and pamphlets. The collection includes 4,500 ship drawings.

8.13.4 Education Library and Commons

The Education Library and Commons are located in the Faculty of Education, G.A. Hickman Building on the second and fifth floors respectively. With seating for 100, the library's reading room, study centres, and comfortable seating area are all collaborative spaces. Individual study carrels, computer carrels, and an interactive whiteboard workspace complete the public areas.

Library collections include 15,000 current and superseded curriculum resources authorized for use in Newfoundland and Labrador schools, and 20,000 children's literature print books and electronic resources. Specialized collections, including the textbook archive, and a test library of assessment instruments, are restricted for use by students and faculty completing coursework and research with these materials.

The Teaching & Learning Commons is a technology-rich collaborative learning space designed with contemporary classroom computer equipment and modular furniture. Assistance Is available for faculty, staff and students requiring technical help. With seating for 60, the flexible spaces, group work, and presentation practice areas are well appointed with hardware and software specific to the needs of Faculty of Education undergraduate and graduate students.

8.13.5 Ferriss Hodgett Library

The Ferriss Hodgett Library is located on levels 2 and 3 of the Library & Computing Building, Grenfell Campus, with seating for 203 users and includes group study rooms, audio-visual and computer carrels. The Library holds over 100,000 books and 450 current subscriptions, along with collections of audiovisual materials, government documents, microforms, periodicals, and access to many e-journals. A full range of public services is available including reference assistance, orientation tours and interlibrary loans, as well as access to electronic Information resources, Internet, spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software.