Office of the Registrar
General Information (2017/2018)
6 Governing Bodies and Staff
6.1 The Board of Regents 2017-2018

  • Officers of the Board
  • Iris Petten, St. John’s, Chair of the Board
  • Glenn Collins, Interim Executive Director
  • Tina Scott, Secretary to the Board
  • Ex-Officio Members
  • The Chancellor
  • The President and Vice-Chancellor
  • The Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Members Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
  • Steve Belanger, St. John’s
  • Robert Bishop, St. John's
  • Mark Bradbury, St. John's
  • Max Rice, Newville
  • Trevor Stagg, Stephenville
  • Members Elected by the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Association
  • Colleen Galgay-Johnston, St. John's
  • Katharine Hickey, St. John's
  • John Hogan, St. John's
  • Kim Keating, St. John's
  • Denis Mahoney, St. John's
  • George Tucker, St. John's
  • Student Members Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
  • Jaime Giraldo, Grenfell Campus Students' Union
  • Zachary Green, Marine Institute Students' Union
  • Rebecca Stuckey, Graduate Students' Union