Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (2016/2017)
6.4 Mechanical Engineering Program Regulations
6.4.1 Mechanical Engineering Major
  • The full-time 141 credit hour Bachelor of Engineering (Co-operative), Mechanical Engineering Major, requires eight academic terms and four work terms.

  • The 141 credit hours shall normally be taken in the academic terms and order as set out in Table 4 Mechanical Engineering Major.

  • Work terms shall normally be taken in the order as set out in Table 4 Mechanical Engineering Major.

Table 4 Mechanical Engineering Major


Required Courses

Elective Courses

Engineering One

Students who are expecting to complete the Engineering One requirements during the first two semesters may apply to undertake a work term during the Spring semester. In this case, the prerequisite course ENGI 200W must be completed during the Winter semester.

In addition to meeting the requirements outlined below, a student must successfully complete four Complementary Studies courses as described under Description of Program, Complementary Studies.

  • Fall
  • Academic Term 3
  • ENGI 200W (if not completed during Engineering One).


001W or 002W

  • Spring
  • Academic Term 4


001W or 002W or 003W

  • Winter
  • Academic Term 5


002W or 003W or 004W

  • Fall
  • Academic Term 6


003W or 004W or 005W (optional)

  • Spring
  • Academic Term 7


004W or 005W (optional) or 006W (optional)

  • Winter
  • Academic Term 8
  • One free elective which must be a 3000-level or higher Engineering course, or a 2000-level or higher course from any other academic unit. Selection of a course must be approved by the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • 9 credit hours from Technical Stream Courses, Academic Term 8 Technical Streams
  • Technical Streams are available in the areas of Mechanics and Materials, Mechatronics, Petroleum, and Thermo-Fluids.

  • A student may experience scheduling difficulties if courses are selected from more than one technical stream.

  • The selection of a course as a technical stream course from outside these lists requires the approval of the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Technical Stream Courses


Mechanics and Materials




Academic Term 6

ENGI 6928

ENGI 6928

ENGI 6602

ENGI 6928

Academic Term 7

A student must choose two courses from Academic Term 7.

Academic Term 8

A student must choose three courses from Academic Term 8.