Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Education (2014/2015)
8.7 Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree
  1. For application deadlines refer to the Application Deadline Dates table.

  2. Consideration will be given to the courses for which an applicant is registered at the time of assessment of applications. An applicant who has attended institutions other than Memorial University of Newfoundland must supply transcripts indicating Fall semester grades by February 1.

  3. To be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree program, an applicant must have:

    1. been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree, or approved (prior to program startup) for the award of a Bachelor’s Degree from a university recognized by Memorial University of Newfoundland;

    2. achieved a cumulative average of at least 65% or an average of at least 65% on the last attempted 30 credit hours;

    3. completed a minimum of:

      • 6 credit hours in English - ESL courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement;

      • 6 credit hours in Mathematics or 3 credit hours in Calculus;

      • 6 credit hours in Psychology;

      • Science 1150 and 1151 or 6 credit hours in science in any combination to be chosen from: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Physics. It is recommended that applicants have 9 credit hours in Science.

      • 6 credit hours in any combination to be chosen from: Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Folklore, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology;

      • 6 credit hours in French (recommended) or 6 credit hours in a single language other than English, or demonstration of equivalent competency in a second language; and

      • the equivalent of a completed focus area as per the Faculty of Education Focus Areas or the completion of a major or minor within the initial Bachelor's degree program in a subject area classified as a focus area.

        An applicant with French as a focus area must also have completed at least 4 weeks at an approved Francophone institution in a French-speaking area or have acquired equivalent work experience in a Francophone environment.

  4. In assessing applications to the Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree program, consideration will be given to the following:

    1. overall academic performance; and

    2. personal statement and references as outlined on the application to the Faculty.