Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Education (2017/2018)
9.8 Bachelor of Special Education
  • The full or part-time Bachelor of Special Education requires the completion of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Bachelor of Education Degree Primary and/or Elementary, Music Education, or Intermediate/Secondary, or another Education degree deemed appropriate by the Faculty of Education.

  • In addition a student must complete a further 36 credit hours as outlined below in Table 12 Bachelor of Special Education.

  • A limited number of courses are available through distance education. A student must comply with the University's Regulations for a Second Degree as outlined in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

  • A student may request waiver of ED 3650 as outlined under Waiver Guidelines - Education 3650.

Table 12 Bachelor of Special Education

Required Education Courses

Elective Education Courses

9.8.1 Waiver Guidelines - Education 3650

Following completion of ED 3600, a student who has at least two years experience as a Special Education teacher, and who provides a written report from his/her principal or other appropriate authority, certifying the quality of his/her experience, to the Office of Undergraduate Programs, may be granted waiver of ED 3650 upon approval by the Faculty of Education. A student approved for the waiver must substitute in its place 3 credit hours in Special Education. A student requesting waiver of Education 3650 must complete the appropriate form at