Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Education (2014/2015)
9.9 Bachelor of Special Education
  • The full or part-time Bachelor of Special Education requires the completion of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Bachelor of Education Degree Primary and/or Elementary, Music Education, or Intermediate/Secondary, or another Education degree deemed appropriate by the Faculty of Education.

  • In addition a student must complete a further 36 credit hours as outlined below in Table 13 Bachelor of Special Education.

  • A limited number of courses are available through distance education. A student must comply with the University's Regulations for a Second Degree as outlined in the University Regulations section of the Calendar.

  • A student may request waiver of ED 3650 as outlined under Waiver Guidelines of Education 3650

Table 13 Bachelor of Special Education

Required Courses in Education

Elective Courses in Education

9.9.1 Waiver Guidelines - Education 3650

Following completion of ED 3600, a student who has at least two years experience as a Special Education teacher, and who provide written reports from his/her principal or other appropriate authority, certifying the quality of his/her experience, to the Office of Undergraduate Student Services, may be granted waiver of ED 3650 upon approval by the Faculty of Education. A student approved for the waiver must substitute in its place one 3 credit hour course in Special Education. A student may contact the Office of Undergraduate Student Services for additional information and application forms.