Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2015/2016)
8.2 Components
  1. A certificate program is administered by a program coordinator. The coordinator is affiliated with the Faculty of Arts department that is primarily responsible for the program’s administration.

  2. A student must follow the regulations for the certificate program as set forth in the appropriate section of the Calendar.

  3. A certificate program in the Faculty of Arts consists of between 15 and 21 credit hours in courses as specified by the program. This normally includes a selection of core courses that has been deemed fundamental to the program and a requirement for courses from a minimum of two disciplines. The majority of credit hours in a Faculty of Arts certificate must be comprised of courses listed in the Faculty of Arts Course Descriptions.

  4. In some cases, students may be required to complete pre-requisites.

  5. Courses offered by the Faculty of Arts satisfying another University program may also be used to satisfy the requirements of a Faculty of Arts certificate program, subject to both programs’ regulations.

  6. A student may apply to the Committee on Undergraduate Studies to have a maximum of 3 credit hours from an Honours essay course applied to a certificate program. It must be clearly demonstrated that the entirety of the Honours essay course content is relevant to the program. This may not be used to substitute credit hours in an anchor or core course.