Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Arts (2015/2016)
12.29 University

University courses are designated by UNIV.


The University Experience

introduces students to the different modes of enquiry that one finds in the University, the interrelatedness of knowledge and the role of the University in society. It also provides students with tools and techniques of study and research that can lead them to academic success and fulfilling careers.


Problem Solving Strategies

is an active-learning, collaborative, and problem-based course. Through case studies that examine the applications of research-based skills and knowledge in our larger society, students will learn from activities that parallel those of university specialists. Web technologies and classroom and library resources are used to support a range of learner preferences and learning styles. This course qualifies as a research/writing course.

CR: the former UNIV 2020

AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-requisite(s); CR = Credit can be retained for only one course from the set(s) consisting of the course being described and the course(s) listed; LC = Lecture hours per week are 3 unless otherwise noted; LH = Laboratory hours per week; OR = Other requirements of the course such as tutorials, practical sessions, or seminars; PR = Prerequisite(s); UL = Usage limitation(s).