Office of the Registrar
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (2017/2018)
7.8 Diploma in Performance and Communications Media

Program Coordinator: Dr. J. Skidmore, Department of English

The Diploma in Performance and Communications Media is administered by the Department of English.

Memorial University of Newfoundland offers a specialized Diploma Program in Performance and Communications Media. This Diploma draws on the expertise of the Drama Specialization, Department of English, Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL), and CBC Television. Students receive an introduction to multi-media in the area of dramatic arts and video techniques. Students will be introduced to the wide applications of stage and video craft through a program of project-oriented courses. Required courses give students specific skills in stage and video craft and enable students to specialize in their own particular practical area of interest.

The Diploma in Performance and Communications Media prepares students to work in the cultural industries in Newfoundland (or other parts of North America). Students with this unique training are better able to work across existing media.

7.8.1 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Diploma Regulations

Students intending to complete a diploma program within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences must meet the Admission requirements as outlined in the University Calendar. Students are also advised to consult the University Calendar regarding General Regulations for Diploma Programs and Graduation Requirements.

7.8.2 Admissions

Formal application is required and is available at or from the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Requirements: Applicants for the Diploma program must satisfy the general admission requirements of the University.

Interviews: In addition to meeting the general requirements of the University for admission to diploma programs, applicants for the Diploma in Performance and Communications Media must undergo an audition/interview to the satisfaction of the Program Coordinator. Enrolment in the Diploma in Performance and Communications Media is limited and competitive. Students are advised to notify the Program Coordinator in their first year if they intend to apply for this Diploma. Formal application normally takes place in the second semester of second year.

7.8.3 Program of Study
  1. Students must complete a minimum 18 credit hours of course work in the following required courses with an overall average in these courses of at least 65%: Communication Studies 3816 (or the former English 3816), Communication Studies 4402 (or the former English 4402), English 3350, English 3351, English 4400, and English 4401.

  2. Students must also complete 6 credit hours in English 5000 - Instructional Field Placement. Admission to this instructional field placement course is by application to the Program Coordinator, normally at least three months before the beginning of the placement, and is limited to students who at the time of admission have completed the six courses listed above with an overall average of at least 65% and who already hold a first degree or are in their final year of a degree program as confirmed by the Office of the Registrar.