Office of the Registrar
School of Graduate Studies (2012/2013)
27.5 Course Format

To increase accessibility for students in remote and rural areas, we offer courses in the following formats:

  1. SCWK 6012, 6013, 6014, and 6413 will be offered by distance delivery; that is, not in a regular classroom format.

  2. SCWK 6313, 6314, and 6315 are distance courses with a mandatory on-campus institute component consisting of 36 hours of classroom instruction. Course materials and activities for the pre-institute and post-institute components of the courses are provided to students through distance format. Students must be available on a full-time basis to attend classes and complete assignments and group projects during the Institute portion of these courses. It is recommended that students take leave from their employment for the duration of an on-campus institute, which may be scheduled in a combination of weekday, evening, and weekend hours within a two week time period. The final decision regarding the on-campus institute schedule rests with the School of Social Work.

  3. SCWK 6917 can be completed in St. John's, or in a student's home community, where appropriate supervision is available.

  4. SCWK 6000 and 6417 can be completed in St. John’s or in a student’s home community.

  5. In exceptional circumstances, and contingent upon student numbers and school resources, additional course sections may be offered in a regular classroom format.