Sir Wilfred Grenfell College


Programme Chair: Dr. I. Emke


The B.A. in Social/Cultural Studies requires the completion of at least 120 credit hours. The student will complete a Social/Cultural Studies Core (60 credit hours), which provides a broadly-based introduction to the study of society and culture. Breadth and depth will be added to the programme by means of a combination of elective courses at least six of which (18 credit hours) must be taken from the core Social/Cultural Studies disciplines. Elective courses will be selected in consultation with the Social/Cultural Studies Programme Chair.


The Social/Cultural Studies Core requirements are outlined below. Proposed new courses in the Social/Cultural Studies Core are designated "S.C.S." for Social/Cultural Studies .

The student must complete:

(a) History 1100, 1101

(b) Sociology 2000, 2100, 3040, 3150, 3314

(c) Folklore 1000, 2100, 2230, 2300, 2401

(d) Anthropology 1031, 2210, 3140, 3083, 3520

(e)S.C.S. 4000 (Seminar in Social/Cultural Studies)
S.C.S. 4100 (Issues in Cultural Studies)
S.C.S. 4950 (Research Project in Social and Cultural Studies)

(f) Fourteen elective courses (42 credit hours) including six (18 credit hours) from Sociology and/or Folklore and/or Anthropology excluding courses listed in (b), (c) and (d) above.

NOTE: In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, for the specialization in Social/Cultural Studies, students must also fulfil all the Bachelor of Arts Degree requirements including those defined in the Core Programme (See Core Programme Requirements under General Regulations in Sir Wilfred Grenfell College section of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Calendar). General Education and Writing Course Requirements will be met by a combination of required and elective courses.

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