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The mission of the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Programme is to prepare nurses to meet the challenges of health care today and into the 21st century. The programme reflects the collaborative efforts of the province's three Schools of Nursing, The Centre for Nursing Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Nursing and Western Regional School of Nursing.

The profession of nursing involves caring for and about people. Health, the goal of nursing practice, is achieved by working with persons in a manner that respects individuals' beliefs and values. The Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Programme assists students to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to help people achieve and maintain health.

The learning environment of the programme is based on the belief that students and faculty are equal partners in the educational process. Students by being actively involved in the learning process develop an appreciation of, and responsibility for the discovery of knowledge. Faculty facilitate learning by serving as resource persons and role models and by challenging students to be self-directed and creative.

The learning opportunities provided acknowledge that nursing is a practice discipline whose service is provided in any and all settings where persons function. Practicing nurses within these settings provide valuable assistance in the students development of competencies required for beginning nursing practice.

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