Mr. Harvey Best; Director (Happy Valley - Goose Bay)
Dr. Derek Wilton; Chair, Liaison Committee (St. John's campus)
Mr. Darrell O'Brien, Chair, Advisory Board


The purpose of the Labrador Institute is to identify opportunities in research or education where the capabilities of Memorial University may enhance our knowledge of Labrador or which may promote the well-being of its people.

The Institute's mandate is to communicate, facilitate and coordinate University activity in Labrador. It is the main contact point for the University in Labrador. The Institute maintains contact with community groups and with Faculties and Schools and provides the linkage for Memorial's activities in Labrador.

The Institute partners with Faculties and Schools in soliciting funds for research and the delivery of educational programmes.

The Institute is not a regulatory body and does not interfere with the normal process of grant applications by individuals. However, it recommends that notice or copies of such applications be filed with the Institute to obviate duplication of effort within the University.


The management of the affairs of the Institute is directed by the University Liaison Committee which is appointed by the President of the University and is comprised of delegates from various Schools and/or Faculties. There is a director and administrator in Happy Valley-Goose Bay as well as the Chair of the Liaison Committee in St. John's.

In addition, there is an Advisory Council made up of residents representing the various regions of Labrador.

The Labrador Institute maintains a centre in Happy Valley with facilities for teaching, research, seminars and conferences. An Information Centre provides a reference collection of publications on Labrador and other northern regions for public use and arranges inter-library loans through the main University library. Communication facilities available at the Institute include teleconference and microcomputer systems linked with the St. John's campus.


The Labrador Institute along with the Office of Research acts as the agent within Memorial University which receives and disburses Northern Science Training Grants received from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

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