Dr. Mark L. Howe
Dr. Julia T. O'Sullivan

Center Members
Dr. Mary L. Courage, Psychology Dept.
Dr. L. Wade Locke, Economics Dept.
Dr. Rosonna Tite, Women's Studies
Dr. Patricia Canning, Faculty of Education
Dr. Bruce Mann, Faculty of Education
Dr. Shirley Solberg, School of Nursing
Dr. Jean Briggs, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology Dept.

Administrative Officer
Sandra Bennett

The Center was established in 1997 in the Faculty of Science. It has two Co-Directors who report to the Dean of Science. The Members of the Center are drawn from the Faculties of Arts, Science and Education and the School of Nursing at Memorial. Faculty from other universities are appointed as Associate Members. The Center has an Advisory Board made up of Deans and Directors from within the University and individuals from business, government and community agencies in Newfoundland. The Center has established ties with other centers in Western Europe and North America. The Center is managed by an Administrative Officer and is located in the Science Building, rooms 2051-2054.

The Center's mission is to develop and transfer knowledge and methods in developmental science to practical problems and issues involving children, contributing to the development of policies and services at a local, national, and international level.

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