School of Nursing


1) Applicants for all diploma programmes should be eligible for professional registration on admission to the School of Nursing. For all programmes, prior to admission to the clinical area, applicants must have a current, practicing licence from the A.R.N.N.

2) Applicants for admission or re-admission to the School of Nursing must complete a School of Nursing application form as well as the application for admission to the University. Both applications must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students who have not registered for courses at Memorial University for either of the two immediately preceding semesters must re-apply.

3) Applications to the School of Nursing must be received by April 1. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if a place is available in the School of Nursing. New applicants will be accepted for the Fall Semester only.

4) Applicants must have at least one year of Nursing Practice.

5) Students must plan their programme in consultation with the School of Nursing.

6) Applicants for admission must complete a School of Nursing Health Assessment form and a specified schedule of immunization.

7) On entering either the Nurse-Midwifery or Community and Primary Health Care Nursing programmes, students are required to have or obtain during the first semester, a St. John Ambulance First Aid Certificate and a C.P.R. Certificate from a recognized organization. The certificates must be valid for the complete length of the programme.

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