School of Nursing

Programme Regulations

One hundred twenty credit hours are required for the completion of the degree. Forty-five unspecified transfer Nursing credit hours are normally awarded on the basis of successful completion of a diploma programme in Nursing.

The required credit hours beyond the twelve normally required for admission are as follows:

Nursing Credit Hours (42)

2040, 2230, 2700, 3023, 4002, 4010, 4310, 4701, 4702, 5210, 5220, 5700 and six clinical focus credit hours. The clinical focus credit hours should be selected from one of the following:

a) Nursing of the Aged N4710 and N4713

b) Advanced Nursing Care of Adults N4720 and N4723

c) Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing N4730 and N4733

d) Maternity Nursing N4740 and N4742

e) Primary Health Care N4750 and N4751

All clinical focus courses are not offered every year. Please consult the School of Nursing for further information on when they will be offered.

Science Requirements

Either: (i) Six credit hours from the following: Biochemistry 1430, Biology 3053, Nursing 2740

or (ii) Science credit hours such that a student has at least six credit hours at the 2000 level or above in one of the following subject areas: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics. Courses listed below cannot be used to fulfill the science requirement:

- Science 115A & B

- Biology 2040 or 2041

- Chemistry 2600 or 2601

- Mathematics 2090

- Physics 2151

- Statistics 2500 or equivalent

NOTE: a) Science courses may have prerequisites which students must fulfill and are encouraged to complete as part of their admission requirements. b) Nursing 2740, Biochemistry 1430 and Biology 3053 are highly recommended. Sciences without a laboratory component are acceptable. c) It is also highly recommended that students take the science courses early in their programme as many nursing courses build on this science foundation. d) A 1000 level science course can be used to satisfy the admission requirement for the programme and can be used later as one of the six required electives.

Other Credit Hours

a) Statistics 2500 or equivalent

b) Elective credit hours to make up 120 credit hours. Of these, at least nine should be at the 2000 level or above.


1) Students should consult the Calendar and contact the appropriate Department for prerequisite requirements.

2) Students are encouraged to contact the School of Nursing should they change their part-time/full-time status.

Immunization and Licensing Requirements

Students must provide documentation of required immunization and a current practising license before registering for a nursing course with a clinical component. This documentation should be submitted to the School of Nursing in advance of the start of registration for the semester in which the course will be taken.

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