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The Canadian Centre for Marine Communications (CCMC) was established in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1989. Its mandate is to assist Canadian industry in the development of products and services using advanced marine communications, navigation and information technology and to establish strategic partnerships between industry, research centres, academia and government. Canadian companies and organizations direct CCMC and support it through membership.

CCMC assists its industrial partners in the development of new products and services for national and international markets. The commercial success of the partners is the ultimate objective.

CCMC operates under three core programmes: SmartShipTM concentrates on the development of products and services in the integration of ship communications and navigation, SeaComm aims to facilitate the international competitiveness of Canadian marine radio and satellite communication technology and applications in response to market opportunities, and InfoMarine supports Canadian industry as it faces the challenges and seeks the commercial opportunities surrounding the development and implementation of marine information technologies.

CCMC also has several major initiatives underway: Marine Geomatics is directed towards commercial opportunities in the acquisition, processing, management and dissemination of data and data products which describe the marine environment, and Information Seaway addresses the expanding market associated with the provision of information, mobile communications, and navigation technology to support the expansion of the 'information highway' into the marine environment.

Services offered by CCMC include business development support, marketing and promotional assistance, information access, technical expertise and facilities, and training and education.

CCMC is an initiative of the Canada/Newfoundland Agreement on Economic Renewal and The Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland.


W.S. Read (Chairman)

L. G. O'Reilly (Vice-Chairman)
Executive Director
The Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

R.V. Newhook (President and CEO)
Canadian Centre for Marine Communications

P. Bellemare
Director, Hydrographic Planning and Applied Research
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Government of Canada

H.G. Bown
President & CEO
IDON Corporation

J.E. Clavelle
Director General
Marine Technical and Support Directorate (AMT)
Canadian Coast Guard

B. Coady
National Sales Manager
Canadian Marconi Company

F. Davis
NewTel Mobility

K. Healey
Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Affairs
Department of Industry, Trade, and Technology
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

R.W. Huck
Vice President, Communications Systems Research
Communications Research Centre

K. Keough
Vice-President, Research
Memorial University of Newfoundland

J. Leggat
Chief, Defence Research Establishment Ottawa
Department of National Defence

P. Mills
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

B. Terry
President & CEO
Nautical Data International Inc.

D. Keeping (Treasurer)
Director, Administration and Finance
The Fisheries and Marine Institute of the Memorial University of Newfoundland

D. Howse (Secretary)
Senior Engineer
Canadian Centre for Marine Communications


Newhook, R.V., B.Eng. Memorial, P.Eng. President & CEO

Dawe, B.R., B.Eng., M.Eng. Memorial, P.Eng. Vice-President, Operations

O'Keefe, W., B.Eng. Memorial, P.Eng. Director, SmartShipTM

Gillespie, R.T., M.Sc. Memorial, P.Geo. Director, Marine Geomatics

Mitchell, J.D., B.Comm.(Co-op) Memorial Corporate Communications Officer

Lee, A.M. Administrator

Osmond, D. Secretary

Tucker, S. Receptionist


Howse, D., B.Eng., M.Eng., M.B.A., Memorial, P.Eng.; Senior Engineer

Elms, K., B.Eng. Memorial; Engineer

Davis, E., Technologist

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